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How to increase your energy

The Online Counselling Service's top 20 tips on increasing your energy.

1. Schedule time for your leisure, so you have an emotional outlet

2. Listen to music that stirs your soul

3. Be acutely aware of staying in the moment

4. Increase your iron intake, iron deficiency can cause chronic fatigue

5. Move your body- dance, run, stretch, walk, aim to exercise for 20-30 minutes a day

6. Help someone...expecting nothing in return

7. Eat rich bioenergetic foods

8. Get regular fresh air

9. Pray. meditate or use affirmation

10.Live with purpose- follow your heart's desires

11. Drink plenty of water 

12. Keep your house and workspace clean and clutter free

13. Spend time doing the healthy things that you love

14. Avoid alcohol, sugar and white flour

15. Spend time in open, nature-rich environments

16. Sleep according to the sun, sleep hormones are linked to light exposure, so you will sleep better when the sun is down

17.Have something to look forward to, this is a great motivator

18. Find an outlet for your feelings so they do not drain your emotional energy

19. Follow your Bliss

20. Tell someone you love them and hug them tight!

If you are interested in finding ways to increase your energy levels and stay on the 'up', feel free to book a coaching session, positive life changes are just a click away!

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