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About OCS Coaching

Often, on our own, we can lose direction or stop believing in ourselves. Our Coaching service provides you with powerful life-changing skills to develop and maintain a highly enriched personal, social and successful working environment.

The main focus during OCS Coaching is on the present moment and the future ahead rather than the past. Attention is drawn to setting and achieving goals, modifying behaviour as well as developing and maintaining high-level perceptive skills, all of which allow you to harness the reins of your life.

The Online Counselling Service Coaching sessions provide a partnership between client and coach which offers on-going support to keep you motivated, so you feel inspired by your own progress and move forward in the direction you choose

OCS Coaches can help you break down your goals into achievable stages and they can assist you to develop or enhance:

* Motivation
* Assertiveness
* Self-esteem
* Self-confidence
* Work-life balance
* Stress and relaxation
* Developing a positive mental attitude
* Building stronger relationships
* Time Management

Coaching assists you to move towards:

* Clarity
* Confidence
* Control
* Results
* Energy
* Vision
* Excitement
* Action
* Fun
* Ease
* Freedom
* Being comfortable with yourself
* Freedom from life debilitating fears and phobias.

Our main aim during Coaching is to equip you with the tools and support to move forward and maintain a positive mental attitude. You will have your very own professional support system to cheer you on and point out your strengths. Your personal OCS Coach will be there to help and support you. They will assist you to develop greater confidence and new skills, to remind you of your dreams and keep you on target to achieve them.