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What is Online Therapy?

The Internet is evolving daily, with respect to technology and its impact on various disciplines. It has rapidly become a popular resource for Counselling Therapy and Coaching services.

Online Therapy consists of the Therapist conducting counselling sessions with the client via the internet. Support can be accessed via Email Therapy, Instant Chat Messenger Therapy, Webcam and VoIP Therapy (voice chat over the internet, e.g. Skype). Many people worldwide find online therapy and coaching, as well as Telephone Therapy, to be an ideal way to discuss life's challenges, personal concerns and emotional problems. It allows you to access to help without the inconvenience of travelling to where your Therapist is located.

Online Therapy can be affordable, many clients describe it as less daunting than face to face sessions. You can receive support as an anonymous client. There is no long waiting time, all sessions can take place after booking, it is very convenient and you have the added benefit of communicating with your Online Therapist from the comfort of your own home.

Benefits of Online Therapy:

  • It's available worldwide throughout the 7 day week 
  • You can have your online therapy session soon after booking.
  • Sessions are more affordable than face to face therapy.
  • You can type a question or comment and receive a response straight away.
  • You can save a copy of your chat session/email and re-read it carefully to think about the issues that you covered 
  • It is beneficial to couples, families and groups (via group Instant chat)
  • It can be accessed from home, work, or even while travelling.
  • You have the option to remain anonymous.
  • You may be housebound due to disability, or you may be caring for small children/elderly parents and have no support system to enable you to spend time away from home.
  • If you relocate or travel you will still have access to the service.


A lot of research has gone into the effectiveness of Counselling. Studies have proven the positive effects. Online therapy can be a healthy way of coping with difficult and distressing life situations. Most people will experience a feeling of relief very early on in the process.

Having the opportunity to express thoughts and feelings in a non-judgmental, supportive atmosphere is most beneficial. A longer course of Online Therapy enables the client and Therapist to look at deeper issues which can eventually bring about a greater self-awareness for the client and the enhanced ability to face life's challenges.