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Online Counselling Service Testimonials

Privacy is respected, names and photos are not used. Testimonials are shared only with client consent.

"I suffer from Anxiety, my Therapist and the admin staff have been very kind. I have felt welcomed. It has helped put me at ease about therapy" Client UK

"I moved abroad a long time ago. It was hard to find the right kind of support as I'm in a remote area. I'm a big sceptic and it takes me time to trust people too. I'm not there yet but I can say you do understand my problems and never judge me. I think I will stick with this" Client, Spain

"Our members speak so highly of your service, many have mentioned how down to earth and warm the Counsellors are" Charity Organisation, UK

"I was embarrassed at the thought of seeking help, looking back it was the right step" Client, Australia

"I'm on the NHS waiting list for counselling. While local in-person support is what I want in the long run, this service has been good for me in the mean time. They took time to explain what online and telephone therapy is as I had never heard of it. Sessions are personalised and it feels like my Counsellor truly cares. It has been comforting during this tough time in my life" Client, UK

"I live in Africa, it is taboo in my town to talk about feelings. I feel safe to open up here" Client, Kenya

"My company referred me. I felt so low after losing my husband, you have been a great help Faith" Client, Wales

"Our marriage was in deep trouble. OCS has been our rock and has kept us together" Client, USA

"I appreciate the support and prompt email replies" Client, Dubai

"I'm not sure if I'm ready to open myself up to therapy yet. I'm thankful to Carla for the free ebook and your blog articles, they have helped me understand my symptoms. If I ever feel able to get help I will use you guys" Client, USA

"I've been going through challenges, I'm so glad that I've had somewhere to get help. I like the fact that I can communicate with the same Therapist each time, we've developed a really good bond. I feel really comfy. These sessions are reasonably priced too"  Client, UK

"You actually listen, in life this is rare. I appreciate it" Client, Saudi Arabia

"I like the service and it's doing a lot of good for me. I've never been on the 'up' for so long!" Client, Italy

"I like the convenience, I suffer from anxiety and depression so I'm more comfortable with this type of support and I'm glad I don't have to do face to face" Client, UK

"I was deeply stuck in a terrible depression pattern. Whenever I asked for help someone was immediately available to help. They listened nonjudgmentally, the genuine acceptance and compassion is healing. I was e-mailed by Dean and asked about my situation after the sessions, support was freely extended" Client, Canada

"After speaking to you I feel relieved, my family never have the time to talk" Client, Turkey

"It's been so helpful to have someone as insightful as the Counsellor I worked with. From the first session, he was able to quickly tune into the issues. He offered support and practical guidance. I feel more confident and will definitely use this service again. Thank you" Client, Scotland

"It's so comforting to know there is somewhere I can turn to share my worries. Thanks for the chats Paula, you always know what to say" Client, Dublin

"As an Ex-pat living abroad, OCS is gold to me" Client, Brazil

" I hope that I've learned enough to get out of life's ditches, but I know that if I can't there's always somewhere that I can turn to" Client, UK